Accepting the Answered Prayer

December 17, 2013

Your miraculous breakthrough has arrived in your challenge!

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Today on my radio show I’m going to share about what took me what seemed like FOREVER to learn. I’m so glad I get to share it!

I used to struggle with the same old upsets, meltdowns, breakdowns, hissy fits, confusion and freak outs over and over again without really getting what was going on. I’ve learned that there is SO MUCH MORE healing and expansion accessible in every minute than ever imagined was possible.

I’ve learned that the breakdowns offer HUGE amounts of opportunity for our healing if we are willing to go for it, to look for it and to claim it. It does require some willingness and some fortitude.

At some point, we have to really say “I’m going for it!” That’s why I love the Larry the Cable Guy expression – “let’s git R done!” That’s how I began to feel.

I reached a point where ALL I could say was:

I AM doing this.
It’s happening now.
I will not be moved from this space of willingness.

I felt as though even if the ego had to run me over with a truck to try and stop me, I was not going anywhere but toward my healing. I was DOING IT. That really helped me. I think it’s a fraction of the stamina and determination that Buddha had to do what he did, or Jesus to do what he did – but it is the thing that made all the difference for me.

I invite you to join me on my radio show today when I talk about what to do If it feels really dark, difficult, painful, hard, challenging – it’s important to understand that that kind of pressure is what makes the diamond – it means you are VERY close to a MAJOR breakthrough! Don’t give up!

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