Boldly Loving!

December 16, 2013
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A Course in Miracles

Sometimes just being playful can feel like risky business!

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What Are You Willing to Risk in Relationship? Are you willing to Love without any expectation or attachment? That’s what unconditional Love is. No attachments means no conditions.
I remember that it used to feel like the biggest risk just to reach out to someone I love who had been hurtful to me. When I felt rejected and unappreciated is when I most needed to feel loved. I would reach out from that place of needing, wanting and craving. Sometimes it felt like grasping.
Other times I would pretend I didn’t care.
I’d withdraw, and make them chase me.
Or I’d disconnect and shut them out.
I’d play the “game of Love,” which doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Love at all.

Playing games in relationship is very risky business. It’s not kind. You risk destroying the intimacy. Playing games with people’s feelings betrays their trust and faith in your ability to simply be loving. Only the ego plays games and calls it Love.
The more I walked this path of awakening awareness, the more I found that I was the one that had to take what felt like a risk of the heart.
I began to feel that I’d rather risk getting hurt than risk losing the connection that was important to me. I learned that if I genuinely reached out in Love, I would feel better NO MATTER WHAT the results were. Even if felt like a risk to make that call, even if it felt like I could easily be rejected AGAIN and be hurt AGAIN. I learned that Love is worth the risk.
Only the ego wonders if Love is worth it. Spirit knows that Love is EVERYTHING.
Novelist and poet Erica Jong says “And the trouble is if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” My daily practice of nonviolence has taught me that acting from love is worth what the ego thinks is a risk. When I first decided to commit myself to opening my heart I often felt exposed and vulnerable. It took walking a distance down this path before I could gain the experience that continues to teach me that nothing is more valuable than learning to Love without attachment. It takes practice to learn that standing open-hearted in a place of love is the safest place of all.

Today I know it’s no risk to be loving. It’s all benefit and no risk at all.

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