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December 26, 2013

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The kingdom is within. The spark of the Christ is the kingdom within each one of us. In many ways, our destiny, our holy purpose, is to develop that deep faith in God that is our true awakened state.

Each one of us will ultimately make the re-membering of our faith the #1 priority in our lives at some point. The question really isn’t “will I ever have true faith?” The question is more like “when will I decide I’ve had enough of worry, doubt, fear, blame, shame, confusion, lack and limitation? When will I be through with experiencing suffering and misery?”

Faith IS our abundance.
Faith IS our prosperity.

If you feel a sense of lack of ANY kind in your life than I encourage you to make FAITH your #1 priority in order to eradicate that lack – trying to eliminate the sense of lack by working to change things in the world is a path of frustration and certain failure. Lack comes from putting our faith in the world rather than in our Divinity. enough!

If you can relate at all – join me today, I am offering a free class – won’t you please share with friends who might benefit from this free class?

A Course in Miracles

Anyone is welcome to register for this free class and the download/replay – if you know someone who can benefit from this class please let them know and share at facebook! Right now is the perfect time to end all suffering and strengthen your loving heart!

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