From Fearful to Faithful

December 27, 2013

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Yesterday, in the free class I did called From Fearful to FaithFULL – Click here to register now – one of the things i shared about was how I used to really feel special for how misunderstood I felt and how confused I felt. I was confused because I was studying spiritual teachings and I felt I knew so much, but my life wasn’t changing as much as I thought it could or should.

Now, I understand that I wasn’t really APPLYING what I was learning – I was studying without true loving application. A lot of the time I was paying lip service without really taking the teachings in my heart and living in my heart. It was such a great revelation to me to discover that I ACTUALLY could move out of feeling like it was so mysterious to feeling truly victorious.

Love is the key. It always has been and it always will be. We have to live from the heart in order to fully enjoy the benefits of all that spiritual study. Until we live from the heart it’s just information and it doesn’t have the power to transform our lives!

If you can relate at all – get the download of my free class –

From Fearful to FaithFULL!
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Anyone is welcome to register for this free class and the download/replay – if you know someone who can benefit from this class please let them know and share at facebook!
Right now is the perfect time to move out of fear and into faith!

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