Like-Minded Souls

December 3, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Me & Rhonda Britten last year - going 3D at Universal Citiwalk!

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One of the greatest gifts in this world is to have loved ones who are like-minded. It can be so comforting and so much fun! I can remember feeling that my loved ones didn’t really understand me. I can remember feeling that life was hard. Life felt painfully confusing. I had such a deep and overwhelming sense of confusion for a long time and my defense against it was to say “I don’t care.” I cared so much that I couldn’t allow myself the pain of admitting how much I cared. The sense of loss felt so deep it felt overwhelming.

As awful as that was, is as good as it is now for me and far more. That’s how beautiful and powerful Love is.

Today on my radio show, I get to have two very dear guests -both are like-minded souls. I met them both in 1997 as I was getting ready to go into the Practitioner training at Agape. Both were newly licensed Practitioners when we met. Rhonda Britten and I met working on A Season for Nonviolence – we were both on the steering committee it’s first year in Los Angeles. Kathryn Alice ran the Crisis Clinic at Agape when I was an intern there as part of my Practitioner Training.

Last year I reconnected with Rhonda and we’ve become dear friends and this year I reconnected with Kathryn. Both of these beautiful sweet women have powerful ministries in the world. Rhonda has been studying A Course in Miracles for at least 20 years and her Fearless Living books and classes, as well as her work in TV have inspired millions of people. Kathryn has been traveling around the globe teaching spiritual principle through her online classes and in-person workshops and more.

THURSDAY, the three of us begin offering a 5 part class that is our gift to the lightworkers – sharing our experience and learning – This series is called Powerful Practice, Masterful Ministry – you can learn more at – and you can join us on my radio show.

TODAY! Listen online today at Unity Online Radio (you can also get the smartphone app) or click here to get the downloads and podcast at iTunes later in the day. You can also find earlier episodes of my radio show at this iTunes link. All episodes are free to download. If you enjoy the show, please write a review so more folks will find it!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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