Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

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To me, Christmas is about remembering to Love and be loving, and to allow ourselves to be loved, to receive Love. It’s not easy for many of us some of the time, and for some of us, it’s not easy most of the time.

Today, let us remember most of all to Love ourselves NO MATTER WHAT, to have compassion and forgive all of our judgments against ourselves and others. Isn’t that the best gift we could ever give?

Let us be like Ebenezer Scrooge, coming to his senses after a long night of reviewing his choices and options – let us celebrate that it’s even possible for us to begin again by
choosing Love.

Love really is the healer. Let us all be healed this day! Let us rejoice in Spirit and, like Ebenezer, come to our senses and start
giving from the overflow for the sheer joy of being in the flow of love!

Let us live for the highest purpose of Love and forget any idea that
there’s something we need or want. Let us recognize that what is most valuable has already been given to us: the kingdom is pre-installed and we get to share it!

A Course in Miracles

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