Healing IS Happening!

December 4, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Are you ready for a return to innocence?

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I feel so blessed. Lately in Masterful Living Class participants have been sharing that they are really noticing how much they have been able to shift their thinking this year. Many have reported that their families, friends and co-workers are noticing it too.

For myself, I so clearly remember how the holidays gave me an opportunity to see that I really could change the way I related to my family. I began to notice, as the years went by, that things that had been big triggers for me to become upset no longer were even getting my attention. My healing felt so miraculous to me. Many times I would weep with gratitude.

No matter how low you might feel in a moment, never ever doubt that you can have miraculous healing. What is now my normal felt IMPOSSIBLE to me a decade ago.

If you doubt your ability to be consistently loving, peaceful or prosperous then know this: that is simply OLD B.S. Old belief systems will demonstrate as your experience as long as you believe them. What you believe will always become your experience in one way or another.

The Truth sets us free. Truth is LOVE. We ARE the Truth.

Why settle for OLD B.S. when you can feel free. The time of our liberation is NOW. It will always be NOW. Now is where Love is. Now is where we are.

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