Awareness is Curative

January 26, 2014

Are you willing to look deeper?

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Awareness is a great time saver. Just think of all the things that turned into a lot of extra work and effort because you didn’t pay attention or you didn’t listen to intuition. I find that it’s always valuable to listen to my intuition. It’s always valuable to take time to make an inner inquiry. I think of it as a spiritual inquiry. I used to avoid it because I didn’t have time and now I know that it’s a great time-saver. And yet so many of unmake excuses and avoid – we SAY we’d like to do the deep work, but we delay.

I’ve learned that it’s a huge RELIEF to deal directly with the circumstances of life where I feel weak or powerless or dysfunctional. Instead of being afraid that if I look at the “stuff” I’ll come up lacking, I’ve discovered that I can look and discover that it’s the STUFF that’s lacking, and not me.

All that stuff I used to torture myself about has no power over me anymore. I invite you to join me in a personal spiritual inquiry and ask of yourself:

What am I lamenting?
What am I valuing more than my relationship with God?
What am I holding against myself or others in such a way that in this moment I’m choosing to withhold Love?

The cost of choosing suffering, choosing to withhold Love is that you’re withholding your gifts and talents. Your gifts and talents ARE your ability to share Love – to both give and receive Love.

It’s your choice to withhold or not. When we are actively looking to express Love freely we are in the flow of true healing.

This moment contains a divine opportunity to give and receive Love. Every moment contains that opportunity. You can choose to delay or you can choose to GO FOR IT now! Whenever you decide to choose Love it will be NOW.

Now is always the perfect time to begin anew. Waste not, want not.

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  • Related Posts:

    Saying I’m Sorry
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