When the Going Gets Tough!

January 27, 2014

Give way to Love leading and guiding you!

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When the going gets tough the spiritual student relaxes into Love and compassion. In case you’re feeling strange, depressed, challenged, freaked out, worried or even suicidal – I thought I’d give you my perception of what’s going on now in order to support you through it.

Right now, EVERYONE I know is experiencing an increased intensity that is not easy or enjoyable. It’s kind of like being in the birth canal – it’s not fun, but it IS necessary.

We’re birthing ourselves into our expanded self.

We can either choose to release every pattern, belief, habit, craving and attachment that no longer serves our path of expanding into Love OR we can suffer the pains of having it be taken away.

It’s time to move into to total willingness.

Instead of fighting the resistance, deepen your spiritual practice. Simply make a commitment to be more loving and to be truly helpful to all by dropping all judgments. Learn to notice that any discomfort you feel is the feeling that accompanies trying to hold onto old thought forms, habits and beliefs. Be grateful you can no longer be comfortable and cling to the past!

Pray often.

Count your blessings.

Stop telling yourself you don’t have what it takes – LOVE has what it takes AS YOU!


Look for ways to move into your compassionate heart and stop distracting yourself. Be willing to be more present to yourself, your feelings and your thoughts than ever before. EVERYTHING is coming up for healing at once.

Choose healing and ALLOW it to unfold without judging it or yourself.

I know it’s a tall order.

Partner UP! Call for divine assistance. Gather with like-minded souls who are dedicating themselves to BEING the light.

Our time is now!

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