HOW to Make It Easier!

January 14, 2014

When it’s time to make a break, it’s time!

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Right now, I notice that SO many people are feeling a lot of intensity in the world of form. For many people, right now, it seems a whole lot harder. Think about that chick that has to decide to break out the egg – or does it? Does it decide, or does it simply know? I sense that it knows. The challenge of being stuck in the shell simply isn’t manageable anymore. It’s time to move!

Even if you did a LOT of good deep spiritual healing last year, and have started to live a profoundly miraculous life – you may still be feeling that, right now, it feels dense. It feels thick.

There are times in our spiritual growth when we come up against the long held false beliefs and the sticky patterns of negative habits. It can feel a bit like you’re in the process of giving birth to yourself and you’re experiencing real movement, and then all of a sudden it’s suddenly much harder – for no apparent reason.

This is one of those times. Almost everyone I know is feeling it some way.

Maybe you’re also having physical symptoms and challenges – illness, headaches, sluggishness, tiredness, mental confusion.

I just thought you’d like to know that you’re not alone and you’re not doing something wrong.

In a sense, it’s also like if you’re packing to move to a much more expansive place, more beautiful, more luxurious, more light-filled and now it’s the final push to clear out the clutter and the crap rather than to pack it up and take it with you – BECAUSE in order to move into the place of greater expansion and light-filled awareness you must dump the things that clutter your mind and obscure your clarity.

This is what’s going on – it’s a GOOD THING! Even if it doesn’t feels so good, the expansion is revealing itself.

The main thing is to ALLOW it to reveal itself, rather than judge your experience or yourself.

Relax, clear the clutter, and don’t give up. Let Spirit do the heavy lifting and simply look for the most loving choices each and every moment! BREATHE!

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