Jesus & the Pharisees

January 3, 2014

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Have you ever felt that you’ve labored in vain? I have! It was only because I wasn’t living in LOVE.

Studying spiritual principle and living spiritual principle are two different things with completely different results.

Do you act loving to get approval?

Do you have an intellectual understanding of God without taking it deep into the heart of your life and living FROM that source of all-knowing wisdom?

Think of Jesus and the Pharisees. The Pharisees were the political/religious leaders that were often confronting Jesus and questioning him. While Jesus was about God’s business, living and teaching spiritual Truth, the Pharisees were more focused on how other people saw them and policing people. They were looking to set an example while Jesus was the living example. While the Pharisees were busy judging and criticizing, Jesus attained the Christ.

Studying spiritual Truth without applying it is what people have down for thousands of years. It feels like it’s getting closer and closer to being a thing of the past.

Living it is FULFILLING, studying it is an intellectual pursuit that never brings it into the heart for the true attainment.

I’m so glad I gave up building my house on the sinking and shifting sands of the intellect! New Years Day I did a free class on the topic: Self-Doubt to Self-Love: 1 Year to Change Your Life! It was a great class and people got a lot of benefit – you can click here to register now and get the download! Now is the time to put into practice the simple changes that will change your life FOREVER! Build your house on the rock of Truth!

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