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January 18, 2014

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When I first was guided to offer the Living A Course in Miracles classes I had no idea what would unfold for me and for more than 20,000 people around the world. It’s been quite a learning for me! As soon as the first class was offered, I began to receive emails and comments from people all over the globe who let me know that they had been studying the ACIM teachings for 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years.

Yes, they were studying all those years, yet they were suddenly realizing that they hadn’t been living it and applying it – and they didn’t know it!

A lot of folks are either starting A Course in Miracles now or restarting it – or thinking about it. If that’s you, you might like some extra support with it. That’s exactly what I offer in my year-long Masterful Living Course. I help people apply the teachings and really learn them in their heart – not just intellectually – not just lip-service. Studying ACIM isn’t going to get you very far – it’s LIVING it that rocks your world!

Did you know the intellect is run by the ego? In order to REALLY LIVE ACIM it requires that we move into the heart. Many of us have been hurt so many times and so intensely that our hearts seem to be closed. The ego is very tricky and it often takes ahold of our spiritual practice and we don’t even know it. That was certainly true for me for a long, LONG time.

For so long I couldn’t figure out WHY I wasn’t making really headway. How could I study this spiritual stuff for so long without feeling joyful? Why was I still getting upset so often? Why was I challenged just to be consistently kind to the people I loved most? I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t know that the ego was running my spiritual practice.

You may be aware that I offer a year-long course for deepening your spiritual practice and strengthening it. In my class we focus on clearing out the mental clutter that is literally keeping us from LIVING the ACIM teachings from the heart. This class is called Masterful Living and people from many countries, many languages have been able to profoundly shift their lives, their relationships and their spiritual practice by applying these teachings of ACIM in very focused ways, working together as a group.

It’s quite miraculous what we experience while doing this deep, healing work together as a group!

Of course, not everyone has amazing and miraculous results because not everyone will actually apply themselves. The more people do, the more miraculous their healing.

What my Masterful Living year-long course is designed to do is INSPIRE & MOTIVATE people to finally actually, truly commit to doing the work. One of the great benefits of the class is that with the group support, we’re able to make it much more fun and compelling to move out of the intellect and into the spirit.

Right now, people are enrolling in my year-long course of Masterful Living – it’s all about developing a living practice of Love, and living from the heart. Each year people from all over the world discover that they can have so much more love in their lives – more than they ever imagined possible. They learn HOW to prove God and to trade in feelings of unworthiness and not good enough for feeling more and more masterful. You can too.

I’m also offering a 4 day retreat in northern California for anyone who would like to clear the clutter and deepen their practice in a fun retreat with like-minded souls.

If you’re ready to deepen your ACIM studies this year and really move into being whole hearted rather than just reading and studying – and you’d like my help as well as the help of a powerful group of folks just like you – then my Masterful Living Course may be for you. If you check it out, give it a try, you’ll know within a couple of weeks if it’s really for you – you’ve got nothing to lose – my course comes with a money-back guarantee so why not check it out?

TODAY – join me in Los Angeles – Awaken The Rebel Seminar – please click for details!

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