Response Ability

January 20, 2014
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Responsibility is liberating! Wow!

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It seems contradictory to believe that taking responsibility for everything could actually be liberating, but it is. Responsibility is different from blame. Blame has attitude, judgment, condemnation. Taking responsibility is about realizing that you are the dreamer of the dream. It’s about cultivating the ability to respond with LOVE. That’s a good skill to have! Being able to respond to everything with Love helps us to see that we are actually the dreamer of the dream. Love opens doors in our mind that have been closed a very long time.

Response-ability is more than I ever imagined it could be. I used to feel burdened by responsibility. Now I recognize that as a phase of spiritual immaturity. When I was convinced of my unworthiness i couldn’t bear to take responsibility for my choices and my decisions. I needed to be a “rebel.” Now, I see how valuable taking responsibility for everything that happens is. It’s a very powerful tool. So is keeping commitments and holding myself accountable – and it’s not easy. I don’t make it all of the time. And when I don’t, I get to practice compassion.

Do you give yourself room to wiggle out of your commitments?
Are you challenged to be disciplined and do what’s best for you?
Do you allow yourself to break your agreements just because you feel like it?

If you answered yes to any of those, and see that on a regular basis you are inconsistent then the chances are you will mostly feel insecure and off-balance, and you may not know why.

Most people who give themselves permission to break their agreements feel that others are untrustworthy. Interesting, huh?

We never have very far to look for the source of our challenges.

If there’s anything about your life or your unhappiness that you’re blaming others for – it’s time for a healing. It’s time to snap out of it. It’s time to make a higher choice.

You deserve to invest yourself in living your very best life, rather than coping with the insecurities and off balance feelings that result from your inconsistency.

The wiggle wobble woes are always the result of choosing to give yourself wiggle room, wobble in your commitments and blame your woes on others.

You have the ability to respond to yourself and others with love. Exercise this response-ability and you’ll be amazed at how fast your life gets GOOD!
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