Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Legacy of Love

January 13, 2014

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - my teacher, my hero

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When I desire a powerful shot of inspiration I can turn to the words and life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s important to remember that Dr. King wasn’t a politician. He wasn’t a professor or a businessman. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister and he lived his life in the way and the teaching of his teacher, Jesus. Like his teacher before him he demonstrated how to love through loving.

We may know the power of love, but how many of us are committed to loving as our daily practice of nonviolence? How many of us love as our mode of being in the world? If we’re not committed to love, what then are we committed to?

Dr. King spoke often about loving the enemy. I’m grateful every day for the direct benefits I enjoy because Dr. King was able to love those who appeared to be his enemy. Dr. King taught me that there will always come a time when my “enemy,” the one who has hurt me, needs my help. Maybe they’ll need my prayers, a good job recommendation, some money, or a kind word. The day will surely come when I have the opportunity to defeat my enemy, to embarrass, hurt or expose them. This is when I absolutely must find the Love of God in my heart. This is when I most need to be inspired by those who went before me.

Dr. King didn’t teach about the unity of all life in the same way it’s taught in A Course in Miracles or that Earnest Holmes taught about it in the Science of Mind. But King lived in true understanding of Unity and he demonstrated his understanding. He lived it. Dr. King knew that any act of hatred was an act of self-hatred. He knew that any act of violence against another would only lay himself low. He offered the other cheek. He offered himself in a new way. Like Jesus before him, King met every act against him with Love – not with tolerance, not with submission, but with the healing power of Love. A love we still feel today. An example that still inspires, motivates and teaches us today.

Love is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy.
In case we forgot, he reminded us that Love is the healer.

Like my teacher before me and his teacher before him, I am committed to loving. Join me and we walk together. Join me and we walk in the new heaven as one.

Today I take time to think of two people who exemplify for me the practice of nonviolence. I think of what it is I admire about them, their actions, their behaviors, their attitudes. Today I practice these attitudes and behaviors so that other people may be inspired by my practice of nonviolence. I carry with me the phrase “Each one, teach one.” Today I am inspired!

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