Self-Doubt is Insanity

January 4, 2014

Peace of mind is worth everything it takes to get there!

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website builders When I think about it now I realize that self-doubt is insanity. Self-doubt is when the ego mind says:

“You don’t have what it takes”

Spirit ALWAYS has what it takes to do whatever it would like to do. ALWAYS. When we’re aligned with ego we’ll be filled with doubt, BECAUSE the ego can only accomplish that which is not worth accomplishing. THEREFORE it is naturally filled with doubt.

What the ego can accomplish is only of this world, and has no lasting value.
What the ego can accomplish is only that which can lead to your suffering.
The value of suffering is that it PUSHES us to wake up and choose Spirit.

That’s about all the ego really has for us at this point. Motivation to stop suffering.
What does that motivation really come from? Increased suffering!

Is that any way to live?
Yes, it is, and I have lived that way and it absolutely got me to the point where I said

“I have had ENOUGH. I AM choosing GOD!”


Who knew that in this world one of the best things that could ever happen is that my suffering would become intolerable and I would totally give up and surrender my life to my God Self? What a ride!

I’m so glad I gave up the insanity to have a life of LOVE. New Years Day I did a free class on the topic: Self-Doubt to Self-Love: 1 Year to Change Your Life! It was a great class and people got a lot of benefit – you can click here to register now and get the download! Now is the time to put into practice the simple changes that will change your life FOREVER! Build your house on the rock of Truth!

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