Surrender, Dorothy!

January 15, 2014

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“When Jesus said you have to lose your life to find it he was saying: You have to lose your hate if you wish to find love … you even have to surrender fear if you wish to discover faith.” Earnest Homes, Living The Science of Mind

I am fully committed to being loving which I can only do by relinquishing the ego’s petty concerns in exchange for the highest and most loving choice that I can find in the moment.

Any walk to know myself AS God and to live God more fully is a walk of surrender. What does surrender mean? It means giving up my opinion in order to make way for God’s healing, loving Truth. Any time I think I know how it SHOULD go or how things SHOULD be, any should at all, is a call for me to surrender – quickly.

I used to find myself pushing and pushing before I’d remember to turn it over to God. Sometimes I can feel attached to being right. In the need to be right it’s easy to lose sight of the intention to be loving and compassionate. Time to surrender, Dorothy! We don’t surrender to the ego (wicked witch) we surrender to the miracle of Love!

Many times in the past I’ve been challenged with trying to be a place of love when I was really in a place of deep and intense judgment. The judgment was the cause of my feelings of fear, but I didn’t know it. In those moments of fear and judgement I discovered the practice of surrendering to God.

I know that God is Love and God loves all as itself. At times when I do not feel loving I surrender to God and let God love through me and as me. I’ve learned the power of relinquishing any attachment to my opinion and hold firm to my aspiration to be loving. God moves through me. It doesn’t mean that I have to like the person or their actions, but God can still love through me. My vibration shifts as the judgment dissolves and Love becomes the focus. I become a place for healing. The Christ Consciousness is awake in me. This is the power of surrender.

Every moment of every day is a powerful opportunity for me to live with a deep intention to surrender even more fully to living this life in God and as God and to seeing God in everyone and every thing. In this way I am blessed and a blessing wherever I go, whatever I do.

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