The Healing is ON!

January 12, 2014

Healing reveals your radiant heart!

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WOWZER! Yesterday’s class on Trust & Faith was POWERFUL. Thank you to everyone who tuned in (click here to register and get my free class download) because I could feel the intensity of your listening! I shared so many things I had no idea would come through. I’m telling you – this is such a year of profound healing and I AM SO GRATEFUL.

Yesterday, I had a typo in my Spiritual Espresso – I said “Faith is intellectual.” It was meant to be: Faith isn’t intellectual. Not at all. Intellect has nothing to do with Spirit. Our higher self – the I AM Presence doesn’t need to figure ANYTHING out. Only the ego needs to figure things out or process things. Spirit is direct knowing.

We are being called to identify with our Higher Holy Spirit Self and dis-identify with the ego, the small self, the selfish self, the self that thinks it is in lack and limitation. In yesterday’s free class I gave a fairly detailed explanation of how I moved into understanding what trust is and how to be able to trust.

Trust leads to Faith. Practice trust in God and you will reveal a faith that is unshakable. If you missed my class yesterday – please get your download:

Trust & Faith – Stop Talking About it and LIVE It!
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Please get my free download – share with a friend – and let me know what you thought of my class!

I’m offering a retreat in California February 27 to March 2nd? Come join me and a wonderful group of folks from all over who are ready to ROCK 2014 and make it their best year ever! Click here to learn more about my retreat:

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