Why Faith Matters

January 19, 2014

Your faith makes all the difference!

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One of my favorite mystical teachers is Christian D. Larson and his book Pathway of Roses is always a wonderful source of sweet inspiration. In this passage Larson explains why faith matters:

When there is anything you truly wish for, do not stand passively hoping that something may happen to make your wish come true; have the faith that you can; believe in the power that God has given you and God will give you more. Know that all the good in the universe lives in the path of him who has faith and who will use the power of faith to make his own faith come true. He who only hopes will see visions of good things, but will never reach them. But he who transforms his hope into faith and his faith into living works, will reach every lofty goal he has in view. To him nothing shall be impossible, for God is with him.

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