Accepting the Answered Prayer

February 4, 2014

My answered prayer is knowing the unity of all life and resting in peace!

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One of the things every spiritual student realizes at some point is that their answered prayer is actually contained in their challenges. Yes, your challenges are perfectly encoded with the MEANS to access your answered prayer.

Last weekend the students in my Masterful Living Year 2 class were talking about how they were really understanding this and seeing with this level of illumination. It’s a point of spiritual maturity to be willing to see with divine eyes that there is a holy purpose to every experience we have.

Once we’re willing to see that there is value in the most difficult situations and even the most minute challenges then we can actually begin to see with clarity.

In order to get to that level of vision there has to be a willingness to surrender your own personal viewpoint in order to align with a higher vision.

Our human journey is about waking up to an awareness of our true identity. Our divine identity is available to us when we drop our opinions and judgments and cultivate a pristine awareness.

It really is about clearing the mental clutter. That’s what Spiritual Practice is for. That’s the gift that it brings. Spiritual practice is a way of taking out the trash in our thinking and beliefs.

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