Deep Desire of Your Heart

February 2, 2014

I AM awakening to the deep desire of the heart!

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Something I’ve learned over the years in my own life and in counseling so many people, is that the ego mind will ALWAYS try to talk us out of our expansion and growth. The ego mind has an UNLIMITED number of excuses of why we cannot or should not live the life of our dreams. The ego is excellent at convincing us to work in the ego ways, in the visible, in the personality and that doing the spiritual work is pointless or too hard or beyond us, etc.

We are spiritual beings. That IS our true identity. When we truly deeply desire to reconnect with out spirit we will reach a point where it gets SO MUCH EASIER. We must truly develop skillful methods of working in the invisible – it can be daunting when our culture values the skills that feed the ego. We live in an ego based culture – it’s all around us, and yet we are not ego-beings. We are spiritual beings facilitating a human experience of dissolving the attachments to the illusion of separation.

This is why it’s SO valuable to work together, in sacred circle, in partnership with our prayer partners and with the Beloved I AM, the guides and Angels. We learn how easy it can be. We discover unconditional joy and unleash the fun that life can be!

Our destiny is to become devoted to our relationship with our own holiness. It’s our destiny to PARTNER UP in every moment, always in tune with the Oneness of All Life. When we are fully awake to the Oneness we naturally cease investing our precious life energy in pushing density. We move fully into a life of ease and grace. We must choose this life of grace. It’s ours already and the only reason you don’t experience it is because you prefer to separate from it by means of your judgments and opinions.

It is your judgments and opinions that are at the bottom of the deep well of endless wanting and never having. The judgments and opinions create a hole where your wholeness could otherwise reveal itself. In reality, we are already as holy as holy can be!

The deep desire of my heart is to know my true identity in Spirit!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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