Ease & Grace

February 22, 2014

Let’s flow in the river of Love!

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Sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of rain. Or if you life in California like I do, it can be a very long time without rain and then pour a deluge. Times of transformation and transition are very often the result of going through extremes that feel like a storm. An intense challenge of some kind often precedes a breakthrough.

I have long loved the stories that use flowing in the river as a metaphor. I have had so many experiences of clinging to the daily routines and not welcoming change and I learned to finally welcome change. Years ago for my New Year’s Intention, i set the aspiration to feel comfortable in the midst of change. I went through a period of really feeling challenged and then I began to feel comfortable come whatever.

Now, right NOW, is a time of intense challenge for most people. There’s a lot of change going on energetically and it is translating to our lives, relationships, and our feelings.

It’s good to be able to learn to flow with it.
I’ve learned that it’s about being in the flow of Love.
Being in that flow is true affluence.

Let’s flow and roll with the changes – ever mindful of our aspiration to wake up and FEEL the Love that we are!

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