Keep Choosing Love

February 20, 2014

Let's throw open our hearts to Love!

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Love is the healer. It seems so simple. Often people are unwilling to trust that. That’s why I talk about it so much. Trust and Faith are the bedrock of a good life – a life of harmony and prosperity.

The fastest way to put an end to suffering is to choose Love consistently. It’s also THE most challenging thing I’ve ever decided to do. There was a time in my life when it felt excruciating and now it just feels natural and graceful. There was a time when I thought it might continue to be excruciating for the rest of my life and that thought made me want to pull the covers up over my head for the rest of my life. I wanted to be able to spin a cocoon around myself and then liquefy and emerge newborn like the butterfly, but it wasn’t possible.

Instead I had to keep choosing Love. Moment by challenging moment. It was so hard. I thought it would never end. This was the greatest gift I ever received – and I gave it to myself – I loved myself enough to choose Love and unwind the attachments. I could never have done it alone. Fortunately I have never been alone. I have never been without profound levels of support. I have always had Divine guidance whether I chose to accept it or not.

Now, I choose Love, remembering that Love is my true nature. I align with the Divine and in this moment to moment choice I am finding freedom. It’s been there all along and now I can see it and feel it for which I am so very grateful.

Now, I choose Love.
I choose Love and Love chooses me!

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