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February 8, 2014

Dolphins are such a beneficial presence!

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People often ask me, what is the difference between a Religious Science Practitioner and a traditional therapist? A psychologist is often more focused on how did you get where you are.

As a spiritual therapist I’m focused on where do you want to go and who do you need to BE to get there. I know that the past can be healed in a nanosecond. Understanding exactly how I arrived where I am, while often interesting and also useful, is not necessary to healing.

Love is the healer. Love does all the work.

I’ve trained my mind to be able to know the Truth for the person I’m counseling and that’s what it means when people talk about “holding the space.” It’s holding the space of Love so that anything unlike Love can fall away.

Our minds have been trained to hold judgments and opinions. I’ve learned to think of those thoughts as trash and clutter. In learning to hold my mind free of the false, I’m cultivating a pristine awareness of Truth. This is the most important aspiration I have. This is what allows me to be a beneficial presence. And, wonderfully, it is also my personal path of healing.

I’m so grateful that now I’m able to offer spiritual counseling training and certification for others who would also like this level of mind training. I’m launching my first program right now and our first in-person intensive begins on February 22nd. Click here for more details.

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