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March 25, 2014

The daffodils I see outside my window in Salisbury are a gorgeous expression of pure beauty!

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Waking up is what I’m interested in. It’s fundamentally the only thing I share about. This is my path. You’re reading this because you’re also interested in waking up.

It’s more than just ending the suffering, it’s about being our true selves.

What’s required is a willingness to shed ego attachments, and particularly it’s about releasing any interest in separation and playing small. It’s about no longer being focused on the past hurts and upsets. It’s a path of purification.

Purification used to be a scary word to me, but I’ve learned that being pristine is what I’m interested in. It used to feel “too much” like a burden.

I used to live part-time in the past, part-time in the future, and part-time in fantasy. Which meant I wasn’t really living at all. In my becoming aware that I COULD cultivate a pristine awareness I saw the value of giving up my memories. I didn’t need them if I didn’t want to live in the past or recreate the past. Right? I decided to release the attachment to the memories in order to purify my mind and stop repeating the past by cherishing my beliefs.

Being pure and pristine felt like a burden the same way that chastity, poverty and abstinence felt like a burden. Now, I know that I can be pure and pristine and I don’t have to deny the body or enjoyment. I only have to be clear about my motivations for enjoyment. Is my motive pure?

Daily, we train ourselves to work at the level of the mind. All healing IS at the level of the mind – it’s our USE of the mind that’s being purified. Our HABITS. In Truth, we’re already as holy as holy can be.

The more we learn to work in the invisible, in the mind, the easier and more productive our life becomes. That’s good learning!

Working in the invisible is awakening to Love and choosing Love.

Learning to choose purification and healing instead of self-medication and sabotage is great learning.

By choosing Love, we’re activating our genius and becoming brilliant learners. Every time we choose Love we’re increasing our intelligence.

How completely cool is that?

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