- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -


Opinions such the positive energy [1] out of our life.

Joy is revealed when I remember that the opinions and judgments are not who I am – they are the dust and grit acquired on my journey. My natural state is luminous, pristine awareness. That IS who I AM regardless of anything that has ever happened, regardless of any other belief or opinion. Nothing can disturb this. All opinion is a story I’m telling myself. All opinion is an illusion. Whew!

I used to struggle because I didn’t realize that it was possible for me to transcend and transform every single one of my life experiences into golden [2] nuggets of learning and expansion – instead I clung to my opinions and judgments. I was focused on proving to everyone, including myself, just how darn right I was. In doing so, I had decided to stay in a holding pattern of coping [3] and managing.

I realized that if I stayed in the holding patterns of coping and managing long enough I would find myself settling for a life that absolutely could NEVER be fulfilling and that I would never EVER truly enjoy. If I didn’t change my thinking, I’d be forced to sacrifice sharing my unique gifts [4] and talents in the most beneficial way possible. I could feel the walls created by my opinions closing in on me.

My misery woke me up and I realized that I was on the slow drip road to H – E double toothpicks. I decided to pay attention to my choices. I became aware that I had an active, daily, moment-to-moment choice [5] to hold my opinions or not. I decided I’d rather be happy than be right. This was the greatest moment of my life. And it all changed from there.

Now, I’m asking you:

Would you rather be happy or right?