Love IS Freedom

March 10, 2014
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Love makes the flowers bloom!

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How perfect it is that anytime we feel alone or abandoned it’s always because we decided to disconnect ourselves from our awareness of the Oneness of all life? No matter where we go we’re always traveling in God. Everyone we meet along the way is One with us. All that we experience is an experience of Divine Will showing up as our life. We have to work very intently in order to convince ourselves that we’re alone, left out, lacking in anything.

“Man’s experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

It takes tremendous focus to be able to deny our Divinity and the Divinity of all life. Fortunately, the Law of Cause and Effect never takes a holiday. All of your thoughts work together to create your experience. Your experience is the projection of where you have placed your attention. When you choose thoughts of Love and connection you experience more of that. When you affirm that you’re alone, lost and helpless, you experience that. This is the good news! You are the dreamer of the dream. Rather than placing your attention on whom to blame for what you don’t like, you can shift your attention and focus on living a life of Love. As soon as you shift your attention your experience begins to change.

I’ve learned to be grateful every time I recognize I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel of my life. The pain and suffering I have experienced lets me know I forgot to choose Love and it helps awaken me to remember that Love is the only healer.

No matter what you might believe, you are not helpless. You always have the power to change your mind! It is the greatest power on earth – it IS Love in action!

Every moment gives us an infinite number of ways to remember our Divinity and choose Love. Choose Love NO MATTER WHAT! Love IS forgiveness. Love IS compassion. Love IS kindness. Love IS patience. Love is FREEDOM.

I have the power to change my mind. I AM free to Love now. I choose Love!

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