I Need Do Nothing

March 12, 2014

Having fun with my nephew Mikey - allowing the good God times to roll!

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“I need do nothing” is an often misunderstood teaching of A Course in Miracles. For myself, I’ve come to find it SO comforting! Here’s a wonderful clue to what that means:

“Step gently aside and let the healing be done for you. Keep but one thought in mind and do not lose sight of it, however tempted you may be to judge any situation and to determine your response by judging it. Focus your mind only on this:

I am not alone, and I would not intrude the past upon my Guest.
I have invited Him and He is here.
I need do nothing except not to interfere.”

Let me allow the healing to be done for me!

I take from this passage that I can allow the healing. It’s clear that my work is not to interfere by judging, by complaining, or by believing something that is not true. How do I know what is true? Generally, I can tell by how it feels. All fear is the by-product of choosing to interfere.

When we choose to energize our judgments and opinions we interfere with the perfect Love that is Divine Will for us. We choose to separate from the flow of Love – but we can only do so in our minds, not in reality.

We NEED do nothing – we can allow ourselves to experience the riches and benefits of the kingdom or we can block them by energizing our opinions and judgments. For myself, my prayer is to not interfere, but to allow the good to reveal itself AS my very life! Let us walk together on this beautiful road of healing. Let us allow the healing to be done for us!

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