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March 31, 2014
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Salisbury has daffodils everywhere and I’m loving it!

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When I first learned about prayer as a technology, I discovered that a prayer request contains within it the answered prayer. Here’s why:

When we make a prayer request, when we ask for help, it’s generally an affirmation of our willingness to receive.

Our willingness to receive is a powerful activator. It activates all manner of expansion and opening to receive. It is literally a magnetic attractor.

Prayer is more powerful than any of us can even imagine!

Prayer requests are part of the prayer experience. Even if we never articulate the request, and we go straight into an affirmative prayer, we’re still opening to receive the answered prayer.

I love prayer.
It’s the most powerful technology I know.

When my mom was so sick with cancer, the oncologist told us that nothing could help her. Literally, he told us that he had no hope in anything – no diet, no exercise, no “medicine” no “treatment” – nothing. Privately, off the record, he said that, in his experience, prayer worked miracles and he advised us to pray.

What’s your prayer request?

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