Spring is Here!

March 21, 2014

Spring flowers on the first day of spring!

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I arrived in England on Tuesday and made it out to Stonehenge to celebrate the first day of Spring. It was cool and VERY windy, so it was a bit of a rough start to spring, but glorious to be at Stonehenge again. I just love it there. I feel so expansive and peaceful, so at home, walking around that ancient circle of stones or sitting amongst them. I feel so blessed to be able to begin this spring season there.

Signs of spring are everywhere here in Salisbury where I’m staying while I’m looking for a home to rent. It’s gorgeous to walk around and see the signs like these daffodils I saw today. I’m full of appreciation for the Spirit that brings forth the renewal in the earth and in our hearts.

I’m reminded that no matter how bleak the winter, nature never gives up. Spring still comes and nature is born again. The gardens come alive, the birds build their nests and the babies are born. It is a glorious display and it never becomes tiresome or old.

I remember when I lived in Manhattan and used to run in Central Park. Come the end of winter when the crocus and daffodils started to appear it was thrilling. I would greet them with a hearty “hello!!” and feel so much better for it.

Winter is still blowing hard for a lot of people and spring can seem a long way away, but it IS coming. If, in your heart, it still feels like a dark winter, see if you can find your heart flame and turn it up – or simply ask the I AM to resurrect your heart flame and allow your own personal spring renewal to blaze, for surely it will if you allow it!

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