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April 26, 2014

With my niece, Olivia at Notre Dame as the sun is setting. We had a fabulous bike tour of Paris after dark!

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Perhaps the very greatest gift of learning I’ve had is also one of the constant teachings of A Course in Miracles. I cannot believe how long it took me to learn it! I guess it’s because so few people actually talk about it. And maybe because it’s mis-interpreted and people don’t actually get th learning in the teaching, but it is DEFINITELY the lesson that is worth learning!

“Ask and it is given” is SO TRUE. There are two things that I found made the learning come alive for me. I have been able to use this to transform my life.

#1 – you must ask from an alignment with your Higher Holy Spirit Self – otherwise you’ll ask for something that the ego thinks it needs.

This is KEY for us to understand. The ego thinks it needs a multitude of stuff that is of no value whatsoever except to the ego. Ask for what the ego wants and you only affirm increased suffering. The ego will never be satisfied. It isn’t possible.

The ego can be dissolved, resolved, and most importantly, released through choosing to realize that only Love is real, but it can never be placated for more than a moment. You can heal your ego identification, but you cannot make the ego happy for more than a short period. Trying to get what the ego wants will only distract it from terrorizing you for a moment. Why not focus on misidentifying with it?

The Spirit has everything. The kingdom is within, “seek the kingdom first and all else will be added unto you.” Pretty simple right? If you believed it, would you look outside yourself? Of course not!

So, if you’re not aligned with your Higher Holy Spirit Self, you’ll ask on behalf with the go. Partner UP first. Why? The Spirit already has everything. If you’re feeling a sense of lack, it’s ONLY because you’re identified with ego. Get it?

A Course in Miracles says, “ask and it is given because it already has been given.” If you’re feel a lack it’s because you’re not accessing the kingdom. You have forgotten your true identify. This leads to my second point.

#2 – The only thing really worth asking for is help to cultivate the willingness to receive the kingdom in your awareness. To surrender the blocks to Love. To open your mind to HAVING instead of WANTING. Pay attention. Activate your desire to RECEIVE your inheritance instead of blocking it with thoughts of separation.

Instead of asking to GET something, ask for help to BE your real self, which is unlimited and unprecedented Joy, Abundance, Wholeness, Freedom, Wisdom, Clarity, Purity.

Ask for help to simply be more loving.

WARNING: If you ask for help more patience, you’ll get beaucoup opportunities to practice and BE patient. If you ask for help to be more loving, you’ll get lots of opportunities to choose Love. The question is, will you receive them? Or will you reject them.

I’ve learned to ask for help as often as I feel challenged. Because I know that I only feel challenged because I’m not partnered up. There’s only one answer. Pray and Partner UP.

It’s not rocket science, but it does require a willingness to have the one thing that resolves all problems and that is the awareness of the Truth that sets you free.

Ask for help choosing freedom, it will be given. Will you choose it when it is?

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