Divine Vision

April 21, 2014

My nephew Mikey last Easter - so precious!

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I realize that I have a strong mental pattern that appears to be available for my healing now.

I am a highly sensitive person, very intuitive and empathic. I feel, sense, know and am often aware of so much that is going on in both the visible and invisible. On this journey of awakening, I AM becoming ever increasingly MORE sensitive.

What I learned through my human experience is that there are many who would try to control, manage manipulate coerce, punish and hurt me with their feelings and moods. They attack or obsess about me with their unkind thoughts. Some of these people say they love me.

I AM aware that it has always been this way. It’s a part of all our lives. I am aware that I have thought this way too. I have done the same to others.

I AM no longer interested in these patterns of lack, attack, suffering and separation. I AM interested in the purity of love in all of my thoughts and feelings. I AM the resurrection and the life of my mental body and all of my relationships.

Due to my high degree of sensitivity on all levels of my being I have consciously and unconsciously chosen to block the awareness of much that I could only perceive with judgment. I didn’t wish to judge anymore. I chose to block my awareness to things that I would likely energize in a negative way.

Now that I AM truly awakening, I AM able to see, hear, feel and know more clearly and purely with ever-decreasing judgment. It is becoming “safer” for me to be more aware.

I now understand that it is my Divine destiny and holy purpose to hold the holy high watch for everyone and everything. Now, I can feel, sense, see, hear and know Divine Grace and perfection in all that is, if I choose to. I choose Love. I choose to see with Divine Vision.

I’m so grateful for every experience I’ve ever had that I could choose to learn from. I’ve been thinking about my relationships a lot since we launched the Living A Course in Miracles class series on Holy Relationships and our topic this week is Holy Relationship with Death & Dying.

Classes are free – but you do have to register. Please click here to register now!

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