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Fastest Path

There’s no advantage to suffering. Suffering takes time and naturally indicates that we’re, in a sense, “stuck in time.”

In A Course in Miracles, it speaks again and again about saving time. It speaks of getting on a vertical path to healing [1] rather than a linear, horizontal one. That’s what we’re interested in.

There are some sections in ACIM that are so clear and so helpful [2] when it comes to ending the suffering, saving time, and waking up. Yet, people study A Course in Miracles for decades without recognizing them.

What’s required is simply this – the willingness to remember, to wake up, to have a revelation of Truth [3]. Many say they are willing, but by their actions it’s clear they are not. By their choices they indicate they are not willing even a little bit. Their heart [4] isn’t willing.

This is why we pray to be more willing.

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