What Does God Want?

April 2, 2014

Love this nature mandala!

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In my radio show yesterday, I was sharing about how Ive heard many people say that they’re waiting for God to tell them what he wants. I’ve also heard many people say they were wondering what God wanted them to do.

Wanting implies lack. As I walk this path of Love, it comes ever-clearer to me that God doesn’t want anything. God has no lack. God is the All in All so, what IS there to want.

This life is about deciding what YOU would like to choose.
There are only two choices:

Unity or separation.

You can choose to treat every moment as a holy encounter, or you can pass on that healing opportunity and have more suffering.

Whether you choose to learn through Love or lack, you’ll still learn. On the show yesterday, I equated learning through Love like taking jet plane as your mode of transportation, whereas learning through choosing lack and attack would be like learning through walking.

If you’re going to journey across the vastness of America, would you really like to walk? Or, if your goal is to BE at your destination, would you prefer to fly?

It’s my choice.
Every moment.

I choose to fly on the wings of Love!

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    Ego Loses, Everyone Wins
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