Holy Friendships!

April 10, 2014

Me and my Sweet Soul Sisters - 10 years ago - We’ve been prayer partners for 17 years! Janice, Jennifer, Liz & Karen

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I used to have the same problems with friends over and over again. It’s amazing to me now, but I used to think it was them. I totally and completely was convinced it was them. Ha! Now, I know it was MY THINKING. That stinking thinking caught me again and again and AGAIN!

I’m so glad that I learned how to stop making myself miserable! What a relief!

Of course it required trust and faith and the ability to turn it over to my Higher Holy Spirit Self to do the heavy lifting.

From where I was, so identified with the ego, with the body, with the PROBLEM, I couldn’t possibly figure out how to solve it.

That’s how I learned to STOP pushing density.
To STOP working at the level of form.

As it says in A Course in Miracles, “All healing is at the level of the mind.”

I stopped trying to MAKE things happen and FIGURE IT OUT.
I learned to have faith, and to ALLOW the healing to happen once I handed it over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

It worked in the most miraculous ways and that’s what Dov Fishman and I will be sharing in our two classes Holy Relationships classes this week.

I invite you to join me, in my Living A Course in Miracles series of free classes that begins on Thursday, April 10th. The classes – all 16 – are totally free, but you must register to receive them. When you do register, look for two special 1 time opportunities I’m offering right away! Let’s make this the spring we really do the deep cleaning in our minds! Please click here to register now.

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