Holy Relationship with Mom!

April 7, 2014

Fun times with Mom. Can you tell we were on a Caribbean cruise? Look at my sunburn!

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Today is my Mom’s birthday. Mom made her transition in 2008, but I still celebrate her birthday. She loved tiramisu. And she loved strawberry shortcake. Homemade of course. She taught me to make it the way my great grandmother taught her.

I walked an amazing journey with my family when my precious Mom was making her transition. If you been listening to my radio show and my classes for years then you probably know a bit about it. It was a sacred journey.

I had a strained and often difficult relationship with my mother most of my life. When we got a terminal cancer diagnosis it was like a going from the frying pan into the fire for me. I became determined to have a healed and holy relationship with my mother.

I decided to take total responsibility for everything in our relationship and I gave the heavy lifting of healing to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. I was determined and I didn’t give up and prayed about it thousands of times.

The holy spirit worked me over like a good baker, expertly kneading the dough. That heat definitely caused me to rise. In spirit, I rose and my whole family came with me. It was truly miraculous.

Well before my Mom made her transition, we were in a holy relationship and it was so pure and beautiful it was worth every bit of effort I put into it and MUCH, MUCH, MORE.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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