Holy Relationships!

April 6, 2014

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I’m excited to announce we’re beginning another Living A Course in Miracles, the 8 week, 16 class series on Holy Relationships – Activate the Love and we’re about to begin.

Won’t you register today and be among the first to say yes?
For those who do, I’ve got a special offer for you!

Please click here to register now at
As always, there’s no cost to register, BUT you must register to participate.

I’m so grateful that II’m able to once again share the gift of another AMAZING Living A Course in Miracles class series. This is the 7th time I’ve been able to offer this series of 16 classes as a gift to you and I’m VERY excited about this particular line up!

Our theme for the whole series is Holy Relationships – Activating the Love!
We’re going to entirely focus on holy relationships in these areas:

  • Holy Relationship with Your Body
  • Holy Relationship with Your Partner/Spouse/Ex
  • Holy Relationship in Death & Dying
  • Holy Relationship in Your Parents & Relatives
  • Holy Relationship with Children
  • Holy Relationship with Friends
  • Holy Relationship with Your Self
  • Holy Relationship in Spiritual Community

Those are our topics in this series of 16 classes which is totally free – we begin Thursday, April 10th – please register now!

Register now: http://LivingACourseinMiracles.com

Remember, it costs you nothing to participate in all 16 of these classes. I invite you to please share this link with your friends and let them know they can join us too!


Together we’re doing something really meaningful – we’re activating the Love in all of our relationships!

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