Rehearsing the Worst

April 29, 2014

At the Eiffel Tower with my niece, Olivia - Merci Beaucoup!

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website builders One pattern that’s very common in the human race consciousness is the habit of planning for what you don’t wish to have happen. Obviously, that’s exactly what insurance is for. It’s a contingency plan in case what you don’t want to have happen happens.

Sometimes there can even be a perverse fantasy of “what if the worst happens, and then what would my story be?” It’s a fantasy / rehearsal of the worst, or the undesired outcome.

Last weekend I was detained in Paris as I was travelling back to the UK. The UK border customs people delayed me because I didn’t have a copy of my plane ticket back to the US with me. I had a flight number and confirmation number, but they wanted a copy of a plane ticket, which is something I don’t use in these modern times of getting the boarding pass at the airport at the time of departure. They lightly threatened that I might not be allowed back in, for no reason in particular.

For a moment, I thought “what if?” Then I immediately realized I had no interest in entertaining that thought. I was only interested in being present to the moment and knowing that all is well. I recognized that old pattern of fantasizing or futurizing a situation that I truly didn’t wish to have happen. In the past, I might have gone into a full fantasy of the worst case scenario and then telling everyone what happened, explaining my victim status, etc.

Instead, I got to teach peace and harmony regardless of the situation. I chose to know only a possible happy outcome – whatever that might be. As I went along, the people attending to me, who had begun their process with a sternness, became kinder and more helpful – almost apologetic that they had to detain me, while I missed my train, etc.

I learned years ago that no matter what happens it’s for the best.

If my negative karma shows up as me having to sit in a Paris train station for 3 hours while some administrative process that amounts to nothing is executed, I’ll take it. I’ve had SO MANY more painful experiences. Let me now fulfill my function which is to forgive. What is true forgiveness? It’s an active practice of non judgement.

I’ve been having lots of technical difficulties this year, with computers, internet etc. Lots of logistical challenges. And still, I’m so grateful for the ways in which my karma shows up. I’ll take technical difficulties any day! Thank you GOD for my perfect life. I know that everything is perfect because it was perfectly designed by me, for me, for my learning and healing and that’s what I’m interested in. All is well!

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