What Do You Want?

April 1, 2014

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In yesterday’s Spiritual Espresso I was sharing about how I learned that the answered prayer is contained in the prayer request and how powerful that request is.

Did you know that if you’re praying from a place of WANTING then you’re actually affirming that you don’t have?

In my classes, I invite people to eliminate the “want” and the “wanting” from their conversations and thinking.

Some people who teach manifestation teach about activating the wanting, cultivating the wanting, articulating the wanting. And some of them are millionaires. They’re very successful at manifesting in this world.

Our true treasure is not of this world.

When we cultivate the mind that has no wanting, but is instead focused on HAVING then, there’s a flow of abundance and prosperity that is UNPRECEDENTED – and more importantly – there’s true fulfillment.

Are those master manifestors happy?
Are they fulfilled – or are they temporarily satiated?
Are they living a life of service?
Are they free from fear, anger, worry, doubt, jealousy, pain and suffering?
Would you trade your peace of mind for money?

People think that money brings peace of mind, but it doesn’t.
It never have and it never will.
Faith and knowing bring Peace of mind.
They always have and they always will.
Would you rather feel peaceful temporarily or permanently?
Our true treasure is not of this world – it’s within.
Seek first the kingdom which is within, and ALL ELSE will be added unto you.

If you feel you’re wanting, ask yourself:
What part of ALL ELSE don’t I understand?

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