Activating the Joy!

May 27, 2014

When I see a rainbow I feel joy!

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One of the main things I figured out that has helped me SO very much has been how to get more balanced in my life. This includes getting into integrity with myself. The more I figure this out, the more amazed I am at the difference it makes!

I’ve been so grateful with how much more ease and grace there is in my life since I put into application the spiritual teachings that I now share with others. I no longer feel like I’m running and rushing to catch up all the time. Working in the invisible works!

For years I studied spiritual books and took classes, seminars, workshps & retreats, gathering lots of information, investing time and $$$, but I wasn’t seeing results because I didn’t really apply what I’d learned – that’s the missing step! I had allowed the EGO to run my spiritual life instead of living a life of LOVE.

One basic thing I share is how valuable it’s been for me to stop managing situations, coping with circumstances and settling for dysfunction. In order to do this I had to learn how to work in the invisible realm of infinite possibility. I learn more about this every day because it’s so valuable to me. I keep working with it minute by minute.

There’s no resting on my laurels because I LOVE the expansion. I LOVE the Clarity! I LOVE the Peace! I do NOT love managing and coping.
People think they cannot invest more in their spiritual practice because they separate it from the rest of their life. Make your spiritual practice your WHOLE life and then watch your natural Joy begin to return. Plan, intend, and aspire to be loving in every moment and you’ll definitely experience more Joy!

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