Are You Upset?

May 1, 2014

Upset is a cry for Love & Compassion - always!

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One of the most helpful teachings of A Course in Miracles is right in the beginning –

I am never upset for the reason I think. – Lesson 5

Essentially, any spiritual student who prays to be more loving, but chooses to cling to their judgments and opinions, will feel really upset. That’s how it works here in our 3D world.

If we choose to think the thoughts that cause our suffering and then blame other people for our suffering we will be upset.

I love this lesson.

It is so clear and helpful.
When you match it with this one –

I do not know what anything is for – Lesson 25

Freedom is right where you are. I don’t know what anything is for means I can have no judgment. I’m open-minded and open-hearted and available for Divine guidance and insight. WOO HOO!

You’ll always be seeking for joy as you define it.If being right is what you THINK will bring you joy, you’ll pursue that.
If making others wrong is what makes you feel right, you’ll pursue that.

How about handing it all over to Spirit and saying:

Help me to remember joy without conditions!

I’d rather be aligned with Truth, and know that I AM Free then be right, any day!

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