Desire to Know God

May 21, 2014

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You gotta wanna see to be shown and sometimes it isn’t pretty. There’s no big or small in the All In All, each moment becomes a Divine access point of unprecedented creativity and this can be terrifying. It’s scary because I have access to ultimate creative power in the universe and if I’m still choosing to judge people, still criticizing, taking offense, gossiping and harboring resentment then I’m not safe. I can’t be trusted with a creative power that affects others.

If I’m talking trash in my mind, of course I’m going to sabotage myself and play small – I can’t be trusted to play in the big leagues. Using the power of positive thought, I might get things off the ground and start to fly, but, if, in my heart, I’m judging others and terrorizing them in my thoughts, then I won’t get far and might even crash and burn. It’s better to play small and stay small.

Not content to play small, I decided to study the laws of creation. I discovered that the judger always feels judged and the attacker always feels attacked. It feels unsafe the minute those voices start chattering. Through prayer and consistent spiritual practice I’ve cultivated a desire to know that I AM that I AM and so I’ve developed the intention to live without judgment. I decided to let the Higher Holy Spirit Self dissolve my capacity to judge others. I am willing and I prove my willingness every day by releasing any attachment to the thoughts of lack and attack.

Now, it’s so much easier to be compassionate than it is to complain. Change didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen because I took a workshop or read a book. You gotta wanna. I let myself deeply desire to remember my true identity and to feel free and joyful. I surrendered the doing of it to the Divine a hundred times a day. I made the commitment and that commitment made me available to the healing. I decided to prove God and see for myself. You gotta wanna see to be shown.

The Law follows the word just as the word follows the desire. The desire arises from the necessity of the Universe to become self-expressed.

Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

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