Family Healing

May 2, 2014

In Paris last week with my niece, and my Dad. Fun family times! Sunset at the Eiffel Tower!

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Yesterday, Colin Tipping and I were talking about having a holy relationship with parents and relatives in our free Living A Course in Miracles classes this week. I’m very excited to share in today’s class – also free!

For many years I studied New Thought teachings and I really thought I believed that everything was a projection of my mind and that my thoughts had the power to create my experience in this life.

And yet, I still blamed other people for how I felt.
I still blamed other people for what happened to me.
It can still be tempting. And as soon as I’m tempted, I start to feel upset and then I know – I’ve got an error in my thinking.

It took me a LONG time to be willing to take total responsibility for everything in my life. It took me real and concentrated effort to focus my attention on cleaning up my act – cultivating a pristine awareness of life.

Once I made the decision to heal my own perception then my relationships really began to heal at a rapid and miraculous pace. That’s what I’m going to share about in my free class today at

Suffering IS optional – no matter what your experience has been in this world. This is what we’re talking about this week in Living A Course in Miracles with Colin Tipping and myself, This week we’re sharing about discovering the holy relationship with our parents and relatives If you or anyone you know is struggling with their relationships, won’t you let them know these classes are free?

Two free classes at – my class is today and they’re on free replay for 48 hours.

We have 2 classes on Holy Relationship with Parents & Relatives and 8 more classes after that, including classes with Robert Holden and Gary Renard. Our Living A Course in Miracles class series is on Holy Relationships. Won’t you join us? Classes are free – but you do have to register. Please click here to register now!

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