Waking UP! Part 5 – The Void

May 12, 2014

Empty your mind of all opinions - take out the trash!

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One of the major shifts that happened for me in my waking up process was in all my relationships. I was changing so much. This meant that everyone I was relating to was having a different experience of me. Heck, I was having a different experience of myself.

I began to realize that complaining made me a crap magnet and I really was choosing to Be A Love Magnet. I was beginning to understand the Law of Cause & Effect and that all of my thoughts were creating my experience. I was choosing to have a NEW thought and many of my friends weren’t.

I was becoming a God Geek. Like someone newly sober, it was all that I was talking, thinking and sharing about. Very few of my friends were interested. It was a radical shift.

I had been the fun-loving, wise-cracking, smoking, drinking, witty friend – and now I really was becoming more interested in talking about God and being loving, thinking positive. It was a 180 degree turn from the persona that I had projected to everyone in my life. I was becoming someone they didn’t sign up for. They didn’t need my positive attitude.

For a while I was definitely betwixt and between. It wasn’t really a void, but it felt like it in many ways. My old friends were becoming less and less interested in me. In some cases, I wasn’t interested in them anymore. We’d go out to dinner and I didn’t always want to have a couple of margaritas. That was no fun for them. When they’d start to complain, I’d try and look at the bright side. They didn’t want to be forced to look at the bright side. They didn’t sign up for that. They liked the way I used to be. I was changing.

I was finding some new friends, but I was also enjoying a lot more time with myself. I was journaling a lot and reading spiritual books. I was meditating. I even started going to spiritual workshops by myself. I didn’t have to run with the pack in the same way. I quit smoking.

INEVITABLY on this journey of awakening we must let go of ALL attachments. We have to release the attachments in order to FLY. The attachments keep us tethered to the world of effects.

We have to learn to trust that new friends, perfect friends, will come. They will. And in the in-between time, it’s perfect. It’s actually a VERY important part of the journey to be able to let the focus go inside to how you feel, what you’re actually thinking. It’s an inward journey to the kingdom. Part of the healing is being able to step back from all the activity of life and be inner focused. That in-between stage is perfectly designed for that.

In that sense of void, we can rest, we can look around and take inventory. We can start actively doing some mental house cleaning and taking out the mental and emotional trash. It’s good to have a prayer partner or counselor, guide, teacher who is doing the same work and can be available to compare notes with, but it’s not necessary. Spirit is always there. You are never alone. It’s not possible to ever BE alone no mater how alone you feel.

The main thing is to develop a sense of trust and faith. That’s an inside job. The more you take out the trash, the more you’ll be able to trust.

What does take out the trash mean? It means letting go of your opinions and judgments. Practicing true forgiveness. That gives us PLENTY to do and it’s just as well that we don’t have a full social calendar! The void is one of the most healing times I know of. Enjoy it!

We’re doing it together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

If you’d like to go back to the beginning of the series it starts with my Awakening Events spiritual Espresso.

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