Activate Your Abundance

June 30, 2014

Forgiveness is the key to ALLOWING Abundance into your life!

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Do you feel you’d like to earn more money in your work?
Do you feel that the main reason you have a job is to earn money?
Do you feel that the main reason you have THIS job is to earn money?
If you’re out of work, are you looking for a job in order to earn money?

I can certainly relate to all of those things.

In 2004, I made the decision to stop working for $$$ and work only for Love. It completely changed my life into a living ministry – and that was my heart’s desire.

In 2009, I went through an experience involving money where I felt like someone betrayed me and it really seemed to affect my finances. I held onto some judgment for a couple of months and then I realized, I truly am not interested in living that way anymore. I dropped the judgment and into true forgiveness.

I may not always know how things will work out financially, but now, I always know that they will. I don’t worry about money anymore.

I’m absolutely certain that the freedom I experience around money has come from my practice of forgiveness and non judgment.

I also learned to stop keeping score and become a better receiver.
I’ve learned to really give my all whenever I’m making an offering. For instance, if I teach a class as a gift or for a fee, either way, I give my best. I don’t give less when I’m not getting paid.

I’ve got to great lengths and investments of time, energy and money to give my very best on a project with any compensation or even a thank you and I felt all is perfect.

I’ve really come to FEEL that the Love of God give me EVERYTHING 100% of the time, and that’s how I’d like to be – fully open to giving and receiving Love – in the flow of Love.

I’m getting closer all the time and it really shows in my life.
If you experience limitations, get focused on REPLACING the limited thoughts with gratitude, compassion, Love and non judgment. You WILL begin to live a miraculous life! The key is to GET FOCUSED. Do not allow yourself to complain. Gratitude is the key!

Consider, If you’re not TRULY grateful for all that you have, WHY do you want more?

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