Are You Ungrateful?

June 2, 2014

I saw this man sitting outside a pub having lunch and had to ask him if I could take his picture. I love it!

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I talk with many spiritual students who are asking for more expansion and insight but they aren’t actively applying what they already have.

Do you know that you have guidance of what to do to open up your life, but you’re not doing it?

Do you know what that resistance is about?
Do you know what the reluctance is?

Are you willing to find out?

It’s time for you to get real and move into a disciplined spiritual practice.

Asking for more when you don’t use what you have is being ungrateful – isn’t it?

If you had a friend, or a child who came to you and kept asking for more and more but clearly wasn’t using what you had already given them – what would you think?

You’d think that it was time to help them see the value of using what they have, wouldn’t you?

Is time for you to get real with yourself?

What about a practice of gratitude.

Gratitude is deeply healing.
It’s a powerful spiritual practice.

Is there any reason not to put it into practice?

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