Comparison Causes Fear

June 13, 2014

I love to watch the hares running through my yard here in Wiltshire. They play and chase each other like dogs. So fun to watch!

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As we’re coming into summer and the full on season of baseball, tennis, and other competitive and recreational sports, I think about competition. One of the best parts of vacations with my family and friends is that we love to play games.

I remember how competitive I used to feel. I used to get really upset if I made a “bad” move, or if I missed an opportunity. I’d get really upset about the game if I didn’t play well and there were many times, too many to count, that I ruined the fun for everyone because of my competitive attitude. I NEEDED to win. I really WANTED to win.

What I love now is being able to enjoy myself just as much regardless of who wins or who loses. It really is the joy of playing that matters. The more my spiritual practice deepens, the more I can enjoy life regardless of whether it looks like someone else is winning. And still, I do notice feelings of competition come up and I get to watch them, that’s where my practice is. I can be aware of them without acting on them and do even more healing of that pattern of separation.

One of the biggest points of pain we have is the suffering folks experience is caused by the habit of comparing themselves to others. Only the ego compares. The heart knows we are united in Oneness.

There’s no point in comparing. None. It’s just a trick of the ego to help you feel more separate. It always leads to suffering. It doesn’t matter if you compare and think you’ve come out ahead or lacking – since there’s only one, either way you just feel more separate.

Comparison is judgment. All judgment causes feelings of fear.

If you love games like I do, watch your mind when it comes to comparing, attacking and needing or wanting to win. There’s great healing that can come from this deep practice and that is a benefit to all beings!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and Twitter let others know? Thank you!

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