Freedom From Disappointment

June 26, 2014

Collecting disappointments and feeling self-righteous is like trying to survive in the desert! It’s not much of a life!

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I used to go through cycles where I would collect disappointments like some people collect baseball cards – by the hundreds and thousands! Honest to God, I would literally stand in expectation of being disappointed. I secretly hoped that people would let me down. In the intensity of my ego identification, I would feel justified in my upset every time I thought that others had let me down.

I had gotten into a pattern of anger, resentment and disappointment. It was like living at the center of a toxic whirlpool. I didn’t realize that the ego was getting stronger and stronger with every disappointment I collected and every resentment I held onto. I seemed to gather strength from taking offense and then stewing in my self-righteousness.

Of course, I wasn’t allowing myself to see that I was ruining my life. I was trading joy, peace, harmony and prosperity – ALL of the good of God in exchange for being right and righteous. I wasted my precious friendships on complaining. And, as you know, complaining makes you a crap magnet.

How did I escape from this mess of misery I was making? 5 things:

1. Spiritual Practice
2. Releasing all expectations
3. Spiritual Practice
4. Spiritual Practice
5. Spiritual Practice

You’ve probably heard it before, but ALL expectations bring suffering.
All expectations are attachments.

Expectations are burdens you place on other people, often without telling them.
Expectations are disappointments in the making.

If you have a list of grievances in the form of disappointments and resentments – look for all the expectations under neath. Place your attention on the patterns of your suffering. Bring the light of Love to these patterns. Illuminate them by bringing them to the light rather than keeping them hidden.

Releasing ALL expectations, opening your heart in compassion makes you a Love Magnet. You CAN be a Love magnet and release all suffering. It’s not easy, but neither is suffering!

Spiritual practice is the only thing I know that alleviates suffering. That’s why this Saturday I’m offering a class for Deepening Your Spiritual Practice? I’m offering it at the very low price of 7.
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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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