Waking UP! Part 12 – Law of Attraction

June 7, 2014

Energizing the ideal hot fudge sundae!

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If you think you understand the “law of attraction,” I’d love to know your thoughts on this I remember the first time I met Gary Renard. We met for lunch with his then girlfriend, now wife, Cindy and my friend Loren. We had a conversation about the law of attraction and I said I really think it ought to be called the Law of Projection. Since everything we experience in this world is a projection of our minds, it really is fundamentally about our projections.

People are, understandably, interested in manifestation. I’m interested in that too. I am interested in manifesting the ideal.

What I’ve learned is that our thoughts create. Yes, that’s true. Look at your life and you’ll know what you value and what your thoughts are by the look and feel of your life. Where there’s false beliefs it will look like challenges – problems are like hot spots to remind you of your intention to heal the false and manifest the true.

False beliefs create problems.
Truth sets us free.

If you’re looking to manifest something based on anything other than the ideal then it will bring learning, which is often accompanied by suffering.

If you’re looking to manifest the ideal, the kingdom, in other wards to represent the spiritual ideal, the spiritual qualities of wholeness, Love, Joy, Harmony, Prosperity, Freedom, Wisdom, Clarity, Creativity, Abundance, Purity, Beauty, Peace and Constancy, then you WILL experience healing. You will begin to experience heaven on earth.

You must completely give up thinking you KNOW what it will be when it shows up in form. Instead, focus on how you will FEEL when you are experiencing it.

Those spiritual qualities ARE your true nature. You have the power to experience them in their fulness. It does not matter one little bit how ugly or painful your life is now. Most of our suffering comes from trying to tell God what we think good is, what we think Wholeness is, and what we think Abundance is. When we’re operating from the ego, the small, selfish self that loves to judge and complain, then we have NO IDEA what Wholeness.

I encourage you to decide today to stop asking God to be your errand boy, your servant and instead ASK how you can BE the Love of God today. How can you serve Love?

Love offers EVERYTHING all the time, start to notice how often you reject it because you think it SHOULD be different. How would you know? Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect.

I have been fired from jobs several times. I didn’t like it, not one time. And there was not one time that it wasn’t COMPLETELY for my highest good. The list of things I didn’t like and wouldn’t accept is very long.

Now, I’m interested in energizing the ideal and manifesting the ideal.

The ideal is already present in the mind of the I AM that I AM. When I pray to bring it into manifestation with NO ATTACHMENT to how it looks, then I AM operating from perfect alignment with source and there’s no limit.

I’m beginning to experience this deep sense of ease and grace, Peace and Harmony, most of the time and I cannot tell you how liberating it is. Breaking the habits of lack and attack have been the very hardest things I’ve done. Developing a spiritual practice that works has taken decades. I’m still not finished, but I get closer EVERY day because I energize the ideal EVERY day. Won’t you please join me in raising up the consciousness of the human race by energizing the ideal?

We’re doing it together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

If you’d like to go back to the beginning of the series it starts with my Awakening Events Spiritual Espresso.

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