Magnifying the Good!

July 6, 2014

Bring on God’s Good! Yes! At Avebury Henge

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Yesterday I learned some really beautiful things at the Crop Circle Conference where I’m enjoying my weekend. These past few weeks it almost seems that with every passing day I’m making a quantum leap in healing. I’m realizing how perfectly orchestrated everything is. Wow!

For instance, Friday, at the dowsing workshop I realized that the house I’m in, which has spectacular energy – and I’ve been using my pendulum around the house and around the yard and EVERYWHERE the energy is so strong.

I had started to think that it might be great to extend my lease a big longer as I’m enjoying it here so much. I love all the energy vortexes and hot spots all around this area and have ben LOVING being able to go there to do my prayers and meditation etc. The house has some damage to the windows in the conservatory room and I hadn’t realized it when I moved in. I asked the landlord to repair it and he said he wouldn’t, so I said well then I think I’d like to leave at the end of August rather than stay any longer and he said that would be fine. I thought it was very strange that he wouldn’t make the repair as it would definitely make financial sense to keep me as a tenant. I’ve learned not to second guess God. Everything is perfect, if I’m willing to receive my good.

Well, Friday at the dowsing workshop, the woman who led it said that it wouldn’t be healthy for me to stay in the house more than a few months. Immediately, I understood why the landlord would have rather had me move out than make the repair. He was acting as God’s angel in my life. Thank you!!

So, I get to enjoy the high vibrational energy here which I have just been loving, but I won’t be here so long that it burns me out or causes me a difficulty. Perfect!

Is there anything in your life where you can see that you’ve been second guessing God? Are you willing to receive your good instead? All it requires is your willingness!

Many people reject the answered prayer. However, even in that there is learning and that is our good. No matter where we are God’s good is there with us if we will accept it. If we reject it, the learning becomes our good. Either way, God’s good is where we are! That, my friend, is Divine Grace and Divine Will working together for our healing! Yes!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you find what I’m sharing is helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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