No More Blame

July 1, 2014

Spiritual maturity lets us get a clue what the big picture is! Thank you, God!

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I had a very ingrained pattern that was really dragging me down and I had no idea that I was the cause of it. For much of my life, when I was unhappy, I looked for someone else to blame. I never wanted to take the blame myself, so I always looked for someone else to put it on.

If someone had a criticism of me, I would immediately see if I could diver the attention to someone else and what they did that was worse. If I could blame them for my problem, I would.

From where I was looking at things, from my skewed point of view, I thought that my RELIEF from suffering came from blaming someone else. I might have a problem, but at least I wasn’t the cause of it.

I thought this way, EVEN THOUGH, I thought I understood the Law of Cause & Effect. How crazy is that?

It’s hard to believe that taking responsibility is actually the way OUT of suffering. I’m so glad that I finally figured that out.

Since all is one, and this life is an illusion, how could I ever think that blaming someone would ever be helpful?

Taking responsibility is a relief.
I can’t control things, but I can take responsibility, which puts me into the place of learning. It takes me out of identification with the ego and into alignment with the Creator/Spirit/God.

This is healing! This is spiritual maturity! This is the opening door!

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